All the latest tech tips for Cyber Security, Privacy Act & MYOB

Banklink Errors

If you receive an error when using Banklink, you may find this website helpful (

For example, the recent glitch in MYOB BankLink Books that caused an Access Violation error stopped you getting access to the application. The fix was simply to download and install the latest version of your BankLink software as described in this support note.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is everyone’s business, and having an Antivirus program installed is just the start of what you should be doing.   You lock the doors at night – you also need to make sure your digital information is safe from prying eyes as well.  Everyone is a potential target for cyber criminals, and the prevalence of email and phone scams is an obvious indicator of that.

We have recently even seen an email scam pretending to be an ASIC Business Name renewal, and are aware of locals being approached by phone fraudulently seeking advertising for a Workplace Health and Safety publication.

Your email address may also have been “pwned” after massive data breaches at Yahoo, Target and Ebay (amongst many others).  You can check if your email address has been compromised using this tool.

This Cyber Security Best Practice Guide has been developed to help busy small business operators understand the risks and how to prevent cyber-attacks.

You can download the guide here and you can get more information from and

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

The new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme is now in place (from 22nd of February).  Burnett Business Centre is subject to the scheme and is in the process of finalising a formal policy to bolster our already strong internal procedures for preventing and responding to possible data breaches.

The scheme applies to those organisations that currently are required to comply with the Privacy Act, and includes those that hold Tax File Numbers.  Although most small business that employee staff hold TFN’s, we understand that the obligations in this situation only extend to the holding of those TFNs and not other aspects of the Privacy Act.  However if you are required to comply under another criteria, such as having an annual turnover in excess of $3m for example, then you will need to comply with all the obligations of the Scheme and the Privacy Act.

More information can be found about the new regime by clicking here