The ATO is making changes to the way employers report payroll, tax and super information.

Starting 1 July 2018, businesses with more than 20 employee on 1 April 2018 will need to report using Single Touch Payroll-enabled software, encompassing:

  • Payments to employees such as salaries and wages
  • PAYG withholding
  • Super information.

You will send this information to the ATO at the same time as you pay your employees.

You can also get a third-party provider – like Burnett Business Centre or a payroll service provider – to report to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll on your behalf.

What you need to do

Do a headcount of the number of employees you have on 1 April 2018. This will tell you if you need to be reporting to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll from 1 July 2018.

To get ready for these changes speak to Burnett Business Centre.

There is also information about Single Touch Payroll on the ATO website.

Watch this video and see how others will manage this change.

Making life easier for the employers and employees of the region is a priority for Burnett Business Centre. It’s an important part of maintaining the economic health of our community and that’s a very good thing to do!